What's Making Your Vision Blurry All Of The Sudden?

When you're normally able to see clearly, but suddenly your vision becomes blurry, this is not a symptom you should ignore. Some causes of blurry vision, such as dry contact lenses, are rather innocuous -- but others, such as a detached retina, require emergency medical attention. Thus, when you experience blurred vision, it's important to narrow down the possible causes and then act accordingly. Here's a look at four common causes of sudden blurry vision, and what you should do about each one.

3 Treatment Options For Lazy Eye

As a parent, it can be unnerving to look into your child's face and notice that their eyes seem unfocused or that while one eye is looking straight at you, the other is wandering off to one side. Symptoms like this could be a sign of lazy eye, also called amblyopia. This is a condition in which the eye doesn't process visual information correctly. While it ordinarily occurs only in one eye, with the other eye picking up the slack, it can cause visual deficits in both eyes.